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How it works

One to one Therapy

  1. Phone consultation: we will discuss your problems and goals over the phone. If we are the right people to help you we will schedule a time to come and carryout an assessment.

  2. Initial assessment: carry out an in-depth comprehensive assessment of your current physical ability and discuss your personal goals.

  3. Treatment: based on the findings of our assessment we will create a personalised treatment programme to help you achieve your goals. Throughout the rehabilitation period we will constantly review progress.

Group Exercise Therapy

  1. Phone consultation to discuss the needs and ability of your group.

  2. Initial assessment with a therapist to jointly devise an exercise programme and

Manual handling and Equipment

  1. Phone consultation.

  2. Initial assessment with patient and carers.

  3. Advice and education: regarding safe moving and handling, equipment selection eg: hoists, tuners, sliding sheets.

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